The Detroiter—The Classic topped with chili, chopped onion and mustard… $7.99

The Hog Tied Cheese Dog—Our dog wrapped in bacon, set in shredded cheddar then topped with onion straws… $7.99

The Surprise Dog—Our dog topped with bacon, cheddar, sweet relish and a couple secret ingredients you’ll never know… Delicious! … $7.99

The Chicago Dog—Our dog topped with house made relish, pickle spears and spicy mustard… $7.99… A Chicago classic!

The New York Street Dog—Our dog cut up and tossed with peppers, onions, then topped with swiss and served on a hoagie bun… $7.99

Nick’s Nuclear Dog—Our dog basted in our spicy BBQ, topped with bacon, jalapeño, and pepper jack… $7.99

Bustin Loose–Seasoned ground beef tossed with coney sauce and special spices then topped with mustard and onions…7.99

All our Dogs are served with Seasoned Fries